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Hong Kong - <br>Asia's Wine Hub

Hong Kong -
Asia's Wine Hub

Extension of Mainland Customs Facilitation Scheme Exclusive for Wines from HK to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen
Why Hong Kong
Why Hong Kong
Duty free

Our Advantages:

  • Zero wine duty
  • Proximity to the Mainland market
  • Experience in wine trading
  • Understanding of Asian cuisines and wine pairing
  • Bilingual environment
  • Fundamental strengths
  • Government support
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Wine Hong Kong
Wine Hong Kong
Wine hub map Wine hub map Wine hub map

Hong Kong – Asia’s Wine Hub

Hong Kong is the regional wine trading and distribution hub in Asia. Since the elimination of wine duties in February 2008, wine producers worldwide have seized the opportunities to increase shipments and establish a greater presence in Hong Kong. Companies from various sectors of the wine industry are seeking to uncork the huge potential market in Asia and particularly in Mainland China.

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Enjoying Wine in Hong Kong
Enjoying Wine in
Hong Kong
Wine is part of the culture in Hong Kong

You can enjoy a wide variety of wines from all over the world in the city’s various wine events and festivals; try out new and exciting wine in many of the city’s favorite dining and drinking districts; or even enroll in a wine course to enhance your wine knowledge and appreciation skills.

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Elimination of HK’s wine import duty combined with its favourable business environment makes this the perfect time and location to establish regional operations
The establishment of the headquarters in Hong Kong demonstrates yet again our long-term commitment to Asia
Acker, Merrall & Condit
I feel strongly that Hong Kong will prove to be the centre of trade for fine and rare wines in the East
Elimination of HK’s wine import duty combined with its favourable business environment makes this the perfect time and location to establish regional operations
We all have confidence in the growth and potential of the Asian market.
We are very interested in opening an office in Hong Kong to take advantage of the fast growing number of oenophiles in the Chinese mainland
Hong Kong’s wine storage facilities will boom resulting from the need to create special wine cellars
Crown Worldwide Group
Hong Kong's wine market is well-developed and full of potential. It is the prime doorway for wine traders to enter the Mainland China market and the ideal place to showcase wines in Asia.
Regional Council of Burgundy
Hong Kong is the new global wine hub. We see consistently strong passion for wine throughout the region, as reflected in our successful wine auctions in Hong Kong; the zero wine tax and excellent logistics services just added to the reasons for us to expand regional wine operations from Hong Kong.
Sotheby's Wine, Asia
Our two cities are, in fact, complementary.
Mr Pierre Goguet, President of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The (Hong Kong SAR) government is actively promoting Hong Kong as a world-trading hub for wine.
Euromonitor International 2015
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